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The postcard (right), dated and Postmarked 15 June 1903 clearly labelled Bearded Collies was produced in the "Wrench Series", the photo is by Reid and the card is No 1877, printed in Saxony. Click on image for larger version.

Enlarged here the original is approximately 6 inches x 4 inches and is an early example of a mass produced Beardie item.It was postmarked in Darlington and sent to an address in Jarrow on Tyne

1903 Bearded Collie Postcard
Postcard featuring a Bearded Collie

Another Beardie card in the Wrench series, this one is no. 1874.Undated this postcard is not used but I assume it is concurrent with the earlier one.Also 6 x 4 and photo by Reid.

Studio Portrait of a Bearded Collie

Below a photographic card produced by "L Balk", presumably a photographic studio in Bexhill on Sea and sent to an address in Droitwich, England. there is no postmark or date. It clearly shows some Beardie ancestry


A postcard by the Photochrom Co Ltd of London and Tunbridge Wells carrying a Quote from King George VI so dating it probably between 1936 and 1952

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